Cancellation Policy


Better Life Hypnosis highly values every minute of your time and books a time slot for you only. This effort also requires a payment for the reservation of time. Payment must be made prior to coming to the session to reserve your spot.

I am committed to provide an excellent service to you and require the same commitment and readiness for change from your side.  If by any chance, therapist cancels or reschedules your appointment less than 48 hours prior to your session time, you'll receive a free complimentary session in addition to the one you already paid for.

Late arrivals. If you are running behind for your therapy appointment, there is no option to overrun your scheduled appointment time with respect to other clients that booked their appointments after you. You will be charged a full amount for your session that will end at scheduled time. 

If you have to cancel an appointment 48 hours prior to your session, there is a 50% cancellation policy fee. A 50% refund will be applied to your next appointment. 

If you decide to discontinue your therapy for any reason after scheduling an appointment, no refund provided as this time slot is already booked for you. 

No show and late arrival charged as a full session. It's the responsibility of the client to be on time and responsibility of the therapist to provide service on a scheduled date.

You will be provided with an intake form that requires your attention and signature.

This cancellation policy is created with full respect and care for my valued clients.

My priority is to make sure that you will receive full benefits from our healing therapy journey together.


This requires full involvement, commitment, and understanding of the value of our work together.

Looking forward to meeting with you,


Please note, there are no exceptions made to our cancellation policy. 

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