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 Services at Better Life Hypnosis

Free by a phone call (20 mins).

During this consultation, I'll be able to understand your concerns and book our initial appointment.

Please note, my services are prepaid by e-transfer or cash. Your booking time will be confirmed after the payment.  An invoice will be provided. Please read my cancellation policy carefully.

The cost is 160 CAD+HST per 1,5 hours.

     This is an introductory session that could give you an understanding of the hypnotic process. It's a safe and comfortable conversation between your conscious and subconscious minds. 

     Most of the time you would feel relaxed and refreshed.  Sometimes the process of healing can be emotional. At the same time, it's a great learning process for yourself.  You also will be able to hear and remember most of our conversation.

Please note, that healing takes time and it's rarely possible to resolve a concern in one session.

Cost is 465 CAD+HST per 4,5 hours

Very common and effective package.

Would work great for:

  • fast learners

  • one issue with 1 or 2 underlying reasons

  • kids  

 1 session per week is recommended for the best results. 1 session bi-weekly is acceptable. 


750 CAD+HST per 7,5 hours. 

1 session per week is recommended for the best results. 1 session per bi-weekly is acceptable. 

 1450 CAD + HST per 15 hours.

This package is suitable for:

  • complicated cases with different underlying reasons

  • multiple issues that you want to resolve

  •  expanding possibilities of your own subconscious mind

  • learning about your spiritual path

1 session per week is recommended for the best results. 1 session per bi-weekly is acceptable

80 CAD + HST per 1 hour.

Sometimes we have an urgent matter and in need of immediate emotional support. Feel free to contact me. Please note that the session will be conducted after payment is received. It's possible to extend a session when needed.

 140 CAD per 1,5 hours. 

This is a great opportunity for people who live far from Mississauga and need help. 

Hypnotherapy is possible online and prooven to have great results.

Past Live Regression and Life Between Lives Therapy is only suggested for offline sessions.