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  • Katerina Pastukhova

How many sessions of hypnosis do I need to see changes?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The number of hypnotherapy sessions you will need depend on your individual situation. It is very rare that a person would require only one session.

  Some cases could be easily resolved in 2-3 sessions, like recently developed anxiety, panic attack or fear of flight. Some others may require 5-10 sessions, like weight loss or grief.

 Journey to past lives or life between lives might take some time as it needs you to be mentally prepared, experience hypnosis first and go even deeper after.

  Kids are more perceptive and open to hypnosis, so they might need about 2-3 sessions to resolve the issue.

   It's important to remember that every person is unique. Time for resolution may vary. Some people learn really fast, some need a bit more time.

    The best hypnotherapists are not going to make unrealistic promises and tell you that your ‘issue will be done in three or five sessions’. They’re going to give you a guide as to how long it might take however the hypnotherapist is only one-half of the equation; perhaps even less because the other half is you! If people are unprepared to do the tasks that your hypnotherapist might set out of the session or listen to an audio that has been prepared for you, then how do you really know if the hypnosis is working for you?

   There has been enough research to show that hypnosis has a solid track record in achieving results compared to other therapies alone. As with any form of therapeutic approach, the strength is going to be in the relationship that you build with your hypnotherapist and in the trust and faith that the process works. For countless people, hypnotherapy has been able to provide them with the relief and resolution that other approaches were unable to provide. When you go with the process, commit to the work and understand that it isn’t a case of ‘putting you under and suggesting the issue away’, then you’ll have every possible chance of making the outcome you want a reality.


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